model observability

Everything you need to keep your ML healthy in production

Customized ML monitoring

Easily create alerts with Superwise’s ML monitoring policy templates and builder. Select from dozens of pre-build monitors ranging from data drift to equal opportunity, or customize policies to incorporate your domain expertise.

Root cause investigation

Resolve problems quickly with incident investigations that correlate and group anomalies to deliver a big-picture overview of why models are misbehaving. Giving you everything you need to quickly pinpoint casualty and resolve issues before they impact your business.

Model optimization

Optimize your models with production observability insights to identify retraining opportunities and strategies, underperforming segments, and biases in ML decision-making processes.

Works with your existing stack

Any model

Any platform

Any workflow

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ML visibility

Easily monitor and observe your entire model inference flow and ML decision-making process

Observe everything in the monitoring lifecycle

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