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model observability

Enterprise-grade observability on any platform, with any stack, integrated with you pipelines and proccesses.

Works with your existing stack

Any model

Any platform

Any workflow

Investing in ML monitoring shouldn’t be a hard choice

Whether you have 1 or 1 million ML models, with Superwise you’ll have everything you need to start, scale, customize, and secure you model observability and monitoring.

Easy to start

Just create an account, register your model, and start logging predictions.

5 minute installation >

No intensive integration with your model artifact. Just straightforward logging. Check out our docs and quickstart notebook.

Community edition >

Just getting started with ML monitoring? Get the Superwise community edition – 3 models, 3 users, FREE forever.

Metric library >

Your account comes preconfigured with all the typical data, integrity, and activity metrics. Just add your custom data, drift, performance, and bias metrics and you’re good to go.

Monitoring templates >

Use our monitoring templates for common use cases such as missing values and training-serving skew. Need something different? Customize any existing template or build one from scratch.

Superwise quickstart

Easy to scale

From 1 model to 1 million models.
Superwise is built to enable seamless model observability at any scale.

API-first >

Everything in Superwise is accessable via our API and SDK. Extract any data, integate into any pipeline or workflow.

Project monitoring >

Have dozans of replicas of the same model? Control monitoring and configurations for the entire model group on the project level.

Incident investigation >

Focus only on what matters with Superwise’s incident investigation. We’ll dynamically pull together everything related to the anomoly into one unified view.

Superwise projects

Easy to customize

Need customization? No worries! Customize, metrics, monitoring policies, notification channels, and more.

Custom metrics >

Easily customize your metrics down to the function level.

Alert notifications >

Tailor your alerts to your teams processes, workflows, and stacks.

Custom monitoring >

You control exactly what’s considered an anomaly. Control the sensitivity, boundary direction, or even a normal period to learn behavior from.

API for the win >

Have something really custom in mind? Want to retrigger a retraining pipeline? Dive into our API and SDK and customize anything that you want to.

Custom integrity metric

Always secure

Superwise is enterprise-grade for a reason.

Enterprise compliant >

Superwise is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant with no exceptions and GDPR compliant.

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Account management >

Superwise supports enterprise-grade account management. Manager users, tokens, authentication and track audit logs.

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Any platform >

Whatever your deployment needs, Superwise is easly deployable with our installation kits.

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User management

Your data. Your choice.

Whatever your data and cloud requirements, Superwise has you covered.