Self-service ML monitoring

Easily create, customize, and automate your ML monitoring with an extensive out-of-the-box library of metrics, monitoring policies, and notification channels.

Measure anything

Model metric store

Hit the ground running with 100+ pre-built metrics covering data, drift, performance, bias, and explainability. All metrics are accessible, customizable, and consumable from the metric store, SDK, and API.

Streamline your monitoring

Monitoring policy templates

Select from dozens of pre-built monitoring policy templates ranging from data drift to equal opportunity, or customize policies to take into account your domain expertise.

Focus only on what matters

Dynamic anomaly detection

Your ML. Your rules. Use Superwise’s dynamic anomaly detection engine that takes seasonality and temporality into account. Tune the monitor’s sensitivity and detection direction, or even configure a fixed threshold.

Stop the alert fatigue

Alert management console

You have complete control over which alerts are sent to which notification channels to ensure that the right teams get the right alert at the right time.

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