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NLP monitoring

Easily enrich unstructured NLP data with the Elemeta open-source and log tabular metafeature representations to Superwise to monitor.

NLP monitoring
Easily extract NLP metafeatures


Elemeta is an open-source library in Python for metafeature extraction. With it, you will be able to explore, monitor, and extract features from unstructured data through enriched tabular representations. It provides a straightforward Python API for metadata extraction from unstructured data like text and images.

Contextual metrics

I want to monitor average values for SentimentPolarity in all social pipelines across all segments & entire set

Monitor contextual metafeatures from Elemeta with Superwise to identify changes in the input or output behaviors of your end users and models.

  • Monitor for both behavior spikes and gradual drifts.
  • Build custom metafeatures to identify domain-specific, biased inputs/outputs.

Statistical metrics

I want to monitor max value for OutOfVocabularyCount in video search model across teens segment

Monitor statistical metafeatures from Elemeta with Superwise to identify changes in the distribution and representation of your NLP use case.

  • Identify where your model is underperforming.
  • Monitor for implied changes in population representation.

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