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Say hello, SaaS model observability 

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I’m thrilled to announce that as of today, the Superwise model observability platform has gone fully SaaS. The platform is open for all practitioners regardless of industry and use case and supports any type of deployment to keep your data secure. Everyone gets 3 models for free under our community edition. No limited-time offers, no feature lockouts—real production-ready model observability. 

Head over to the platform now to sign up, integrate your models 

What drives us

Since the day that we started Superwise, we’ve worked closely with our customers to realize our mission of making model observability accessible to anyone. A SaaS platform that will end the need for years-long ML infrastructure and tooling integration projects without compromising an inch on self-service customization and security.

What guides us

There are four core values that resonate throughout the platform and everything we do for our customers.

Make it easy 

Easy to start. Easy to integrate. Easy to see value.

Model observability should be as easy and as obvious a choice as traditional software monitoring. That’s why Superwise is model and platform agnostic, comes with a host of plugins and an SDK, is API-first, and, last but not least, lets you sign up and start on your own. 

Make it customizable 

Custom metrics. Custom monitoring. Custom workflows.

You’re the ones that know your models and business the best. From issues you need to know about, such as bias, drift, and performance. To the workflows you need to build around issues, what domain knowledge and business KPIs need to be incorporated into ML decision-making processes, and how to best alert and empower your teams to resolve issues faster.

Make it secure 

Lightweight, secure, flexible deployments. Data doesn’t leave your organization.

We totally get it. Your data and models are sensitive, and data science and ML engineering teams shouldn’t need to install or manage complex infrastructure to support their observability needs. Whatever your deployment needs, be it pure SaaS or self-hosted, you have control to ensure that no raw data or plain values will ever leave your network. 

Make it scalable

Scalable technology. Scalable automation. Scalable pricing.

You scale, we scale. It’s that simple. Superwise is built for scale and works just as well on 1,000 models as it does on 1. To drive scale, automation is required, from embedded anomaly detection to reduce the tedious efforts of searching for anomalies. All the way up to an open platform approach that enables interaction with Superwise metrics and incidents via APIs. No less importantly, our pricing is flexible and gives you complete control over how and when you scale up or down. 

What’s next?

As awesome of a day today is for us, we’re just getting in gear. Obviously, we’re obsessed with creating a truly streamlined model observability experience that can be customized to any ML use case and that our users love. But for all our roadmap and plans, it’s not about us. How do you use Superwise? What do you love and wish to see? What’s not good enough, and what do you need to close the loop and streamline model observability?

How? Email me at oren.razon@superwise.ai, chat with us in-app, DM us. Whatever works for you, we’re here and would love to chat.