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Learn how model observability can help you stay on top of ML in the wild and bring value to your business.
October 29th, 2020

Part I: Safely rolling out ML models to production

This piece is the first part of a series of articles on production pitfalls and how to rise to the challenge.  – CI/CD best practices to painlessly deploy ML models and versions For any data scientist, the day you roll out your model’s new version to production is a day of mixed feelings. On the...
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October 11th, 2020

AI for marketing: how well is it working for you?

While it is true to say that AI is everywhere, this is especially accurate when it comes to AI for marketing. Every leading marketing team today knows that machine learning can dramatically help them boost their effectiveness and their impact. Whether it’s to identify and engage users who are most likely to convert, ensure that...
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September 22nd, 2020

Fraud detection in machine learning

In this blog, we look at how fraud detection solution vendors can leverage their ML monitoring solutions to boost the efficiency of their fraud and data science teams and deliver better service to their merchants.
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